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LG Lifestyle MG-5682NL Internet-ready microwave oven

Marc Perton

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LG Lifestyle MG-5682NL microwave oven

When we heard that LG had an Internet-enabled microwave oven, we actually got a little excited, imagining a more practical and affordable version of the TMIO intelligent oven — you know, the $7,500 combo oven/fridge that you can program remotely over the net to have dinner ready when you get home. Alas, the LG Lifestyle MG-5682NL is just a microwave that lets you download recipes from an LG web site. Woo hoo. For the £100 this model is going for in the U.K., you can pick up a pretty good cookbook, and still have enough left for a high-end microwave.

[Thanks, John]

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