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CD Freaks reviews Philips DVDR16LSK LightScribe burner

Marc Perton
cd freaks lightscribe disc

Looks like HP has convinced another manufacturer to go along with its LightScribe system for CD/DVD labeling (in addition to HP, LaCie makes LightScribe drives). CD Freaks checked out the first LightScribe-compatible drive from Philips, the $130 DVDR16LSK, and found it easy to use, and capable of burning attractive labels on LightScribe-compatible discs (LightScribe laser-etches labels on specially coated discs). Of course, at this point, LightScribe is more a gimmick than anything else — as one CD Freaks member pointed out in the comments, "22 minutes to burn a picture on the front of a CD!! The manufacturers of CD marking pens can relax after all." — but HP promises speed enhancements and lower media prices, which could make the platform attractive to artists putting together digital portfolios, independent musicians creating demo discs and even families sending photo CDs of the kids to grandparents.

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