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Motorola joins WWiSE to standardize 802.11n

Ryan Block, @ryan
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Looks like Motorola's not throwing in the towel yet with their 100+Mbps 802.11n WiFi network proposal—in fact they've joined forces with the World Wide Spectrum Efficiency (WWiSE) consortium and merged proposals. Now two remain, in one camp is WWiSE, backed by Broadcom, Buffalo Technology, Conexant, Texas Instruments, and now Motorola; in the other is TGn Sync, backed by Atheros, Cisco, Intel, Nokia, and Qualcomm. Two go into the IEEE for draft standard ratification… one comes out—not that we'll be seing properly finalized 802.11n standards until 2007, or so it's estimated. So bring on the pre-802.11n gear!

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