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Motorola's "London" CDMA cellphone

Ryan Block, @ryan

To top of the other possibly-leaked Motorola designs today, we may yet see a CDMA cellphone codenamed the "London". We're not sure what's up with the two designs pictured (the bottom one looks like a fattened slider version of the Premini) but it's obviously a multimedia/music-centric device: the claim is that it'll have dual 16mm speakers, a standard 1/8th-inch headphone jack (about freaking time, people!), 5 band EQ, and ambient noise/rhythm-synced lights, in case you take your phone to raves instead of buying some glowsticks. It should also have 64MB flash memory, and a miniSD slot for all those tunes you're going to be blasting—looks like there isn't all that much else you'll be doing with this phone, though.

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