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PoGo's Radio Your Way LX radio-centric DAP

Ryan Block, @ryan
PoGo Radio Your Way LX

Kind of seems a little like shooting fish in a barrel to us, making a teched-out portable AM/FM radio at this point, but hey PoGo, don't let us stop you. Their new Radio Your Way LX could stand to be a a lot smaller for a freaking flash-based device at 2.3 x 3.9 x 0.78-inches, and sure, they could stand to go whole hog with the radio thing and make it a Sirius, XM, or DAB device (or even add freaking time-shifting, for that matter), but you get what you get: 128MB or 512MB mass-storage compliant capacities, 10 radio program recording presets, mic and line-in, SD slot, built-in speaker, dock, and a shockingly weak 15-hour playback life. Still, this could be the greatest thing your great aunt ever got for her birthday.

[Thanks, Jeff]

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