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Plantronics 'Tahiti' and 'Tonga' Bluetooth headsets

Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets

Plantronics introduced two new Bluetooth headsets today, a "premium discreet" headset code-named Tahiti (right) and an entry-level model code-named Tonga (left).  The Tahiti weighs less than nine grams and uses a AAA battery charger that recharges the headset when it's not in use, giving you a purported 25 hours of talk time.  In addition, Plantronics is including four little adapters with the Tahiti that'll also connect to the most popular Bluetooth phones so you'll only need to take one charger with you.  The Tonga, on the other hand, has just 9 hours of talk time but is also, presumably, much cheaper.  Both headsets will be demoed at CTIA in New Orleans next week, where hopefully they'll have more details on things like price and release dates.

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