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The Medis Power Pack fuel cell

Ryan Block, @ryan
Medis Power Pack

The hype radar starts bleeping like crazy these days whenever we hear "inexpensive," "disposable," and "consumer" used to describe a new fuel cell. Maybe if this was 2008, but all the same, Medis Technologies really wants us to believe their Medis Power Pack, which should cost between $12 and $20 and ready for release in early 2006, is what we're going to use to charge our devices on the go in the future. (Seriously though, would you just look at that image of their product? That's the best we could find on their site!) Their secret recipe? Sodium borohydride, alcohol, water, and alkaline. Sounds yummy, but is it deliverable? Well, let's just say we hope so.

[Via NY Times]

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