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BT, BBC to launch video-over-broadband services

Marc Perton
Audio/video switch and RF modulatorTV

Yes, we know video-over-broadband isn't as fabulous as it sounds; we've had long waits just downloading trailers via DSL. This hasn't stopped companies like CinemaNow and Starz from offering thousands of downloadable movies to users with ultra-fast connections, lots of patience, or no lives. So, it's not surprising to see more companies — especially telcos and networks — trying to get in on the action. The latest entrants look to be venerable British monoliths British Telecom and the British Broadcasting Corp. BT plans to offer programming over DSL, and is even considering using their lines to offer high-definition programs, figuring it'll give them an edge of broadcasters. Meanwhile, the Beeb is testing an Internet TV service called iMP, which they see as a way to expand their audience; they haven't ruled out offering it to overseas viewers, which could be a cash cow, given the thousands of British expats — not to mention Monty Python and EastEnders fans — scattered around the globe.

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