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Tulip E-go: diamonds on the soles of your notebook

Tulip E-go notebook

We're just not sure why companies insist that what people truly desire by way of enhancing their notebook computing experience is a really fruity, or really fru-fru, new external case. All we ever want are the apparently more frivolous features like some decent battery life, more storage space and a few extra connectivity options but hey, what do we know. If you happen to be part of the "fast growing market segment" that Tulip wants to tap into, this line of "lifestyle" notebooks could be for you. The Tulip E-go will be of Dutch design, and from the number of times they've used the phrase "state-of-the-art technology" in their marketing copy you'd think they'd have the decency to provide some specs — but no, my friends, these sorts of minor details pale in comparison to the knowledge that you, yes you, could be the proud owner of a diamond-encrusted notebook. Peep it after the break.

[Thanks, Thad!]

Tulip E-go notebook 2

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