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Motorola's first DoCoMo smartphone passes FCC muster

Gareth Edwards

FOMA M-1000
We had heard a while back that Motorola would be building smartphones for NTT DoCoMo, and it seems sharper eyes than ours caught the first of these, the FOMA M-1000, making its way through FCC approval a while back. Word is it'll be GSM/GPRS/W-CDMA, have Bluetooth 1.2 and WiFi, include a 1.3 megapixel camera on the back and a 300,000 pixel version on the front for videophoning, and come running Symbian with an Opera browser, MP3 player and doc viewer thrown in.  A look at the draft of the user manual also shows that it supports VPN access, lending weight to the idea that this is going to be mainly for corporate use. Let's hope they do something about the visuals for the production version, though—with Motorola's recent success in regaining some cool on the design front, it'd be a pity to see a grey lump like this hit the shelves.

[Via Slashdot Japan (Japanese)]

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