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WiBro's totally all up in HSDPA's game, dude

Ryan Block, @ryan
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Not too often wireless technologies get names that sound fresh from the valley (that would be the San Fernando valley, in case you forgot the 80s), so bear with us while we bring you up to date on Samsung's HSDPA competitor, WiBro (as in, wireless broadband). Okay, so they're showing it off at CeBIT, and Samsung's claiming this 3.5g biz to bust 50Mbps on the 2.3GHz band (that's a new one—oh, and despite what the Inq says, no, WiFi and Bluetooth actually do reside on the 2.4GHz band) and be capable of supporting seamless tower handoffs at up to about 35mph. Normally we'd be all, "give up the goods, dude!" Except Samsung already gave 'em up and had WiBro running in December of last year; plus they're already rolling it out to three Korean carriers and testing in Japan and the US. Whoa, surf's up!

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