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FL, OH, LA, HI Attempt to Lure Game Industry (WSJ)

Vladimir Cole

Oahu, HawaiiThe Wall Street Journal reports that some states are "launching college programs to train students in game design and dangling tax incentives to game publishers. The idea is to tap into an industry that is growing rapidly, pays high wages and is clamoring for new talent."

Louisiana State Representative Steve Scalise is working on a bill that would provide tax incentives to publishers and developers willing to relocate there. The University of Central Florida has been granted $4.2 million in public money launch a 16-month game development program called the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, the paper said.

And even Hawaii has earmarked funds for game-related courses at the University of Hawaii in Manoa.

Hey, if Hawaii's getting in on the game development act, maybe there's still hope of one day reversing the "pasty developer" stereotype.

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