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Zire 73 listing turns up online

Peter Rojas
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It's the second palmOne rumor today (and the third in two days), but there's some evidence (scant evidence, but you know how it goes) that a new Zire 73 is on the way. It's not necessarily much to go on, but has a listing on its site for a "PalmOne Leather Case for Zire 72 & 73". Usually retailers get a heads up about when new stuff is in the pipeline and occasionally accidentally post something up on a little early (Amazon prematurely listed a case for the Tungsten T5 a few weeks before it came out, and even palmOne themselves mentioned both the Tungsten T5 and the Treo 650 in their online shop weeks before either debuted). Anyway, the listing itself doesn't say much about the Zire 73 itself, so for the moment the new handheld remains a mystery.

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