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Scientist working on "replicator" using rapid prototyping tools

Marc Perton
self replicating machine

No, it's not going to instantly cook up a PSP or iPod — or even a cup of Earl Grey tea — but Bath University's Replicating Rapid-Prototyper may some day be able to turn out household objects like plates and bowls, or even machines and small robots. The technology, developed by Adrian Bowyer, is based on recent advances in rapid prototyping machines, which allow companies to turn out prototypes of new products based on computer renderings. Bowyer has GPL'd his source code, and is making it freely available on the net, so if you've got the chops, this may be your chance to make, well, to make just about anything you want (of course you'll still have to spend at least six figs on hardware, but don't you think it's worth it to be able to build your own bot army?).

[Via Live Science]

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