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ABIT RM-11 remote: overclocking from across the room

ABIT RM-11 remote

We hadn't realized that there was a huge demand for devices that would allow you to fine-tune your motherboard from the next room, but ABIT must be down in the trenches with the uber-geeks who have a pressing need to flash their BIOS from the kitchen. The RM-11 remote supports the ABIT µGuru processor, which also allows for overclocking, hardware monitoring and audio tweaking on the fly, without the need to reboot your PC. We think it's a bit of a stretch to think that anyone will truly use this to bump up their clock speed from the comfort of the couch, but some of its other features mark a good trend in remotes designed for entertainment PCs, such as the ability to display email and IM notices on its touchscreen LCD — now that's catering to some more useful laziness. It also handles all the duties you'd expect from a decent A/V remote, such as learning the tricks of all your other remote units to become the one remote to rule them all. We also must take notice of the pillow shot photo by Hexus (above) in a rare exhibition of remote control pr0n.

[Via eHome upgrade]

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