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PSP Video 9 automates downloading video to your PSP


All the more exciting now that the vast majority over here in the States will actually be getting their grubby mitts on the PSP this week comes word of PSP Video 9, a Windows application that allows you (in combination with Videora, by the same developer) to do the equivalent of BroadSnatching for your PSP: using the combination of RSS and BitTorrent to automatically pull down files over the Internet and convert them for playback on the device. We already have iPSP (Windows / Mac) which will handle the video prep and syncing part (plus sync saved games and some other features besides), but PSP Video 9 integrates with Videora to handle automation of actually acquiring new content over the web as well as port it to the PSP. All of which will be very handy considering Sony will undoubtedly take its sweet time delivering its own video content to the device. We're all for the idea, but we have to take issue with the moniker "PSPcasting" used by the software developer — the "casting" bit in "Podcasting" implies that one is creating content and sending it to others. This software enables the other end of that equation — the receiving end. So wouldn't it be more accurate to call it "PSPcatching," or perhaps "PSPsnatching"?

[Thanks, Ken!]

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