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South Korean carrier KT follows SK Telecom into the US wireless market

Peter Rojas

When it comes to fancy 3G cellphones the US is practically a backwater compared with the wireless fantasyland that is South Korea, which could explain why the big South Korean carriers are so eager to get into the game over here. SK Telecom already cut a deal with Earthlink to create a mobile virtual network leasing capacity from both Sprint and Verizon, apparently now archrival KT is getting ready to enter the US market, too (you might recall that Japanese carrier DoCoMo invested in AT&T Wireless years ago). They claim they're going to take a different approach from SK Telecom (which probably means no hot MVNO action), and otherwise they're pretty vague about what precisely their plans are, but if there aren't any sweet EV-DO phones involved, we're going to be disappointed.


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