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JVC rolls out slew of DVD/digital video recorders

jvc drmh300

JVC has unveiled a whole mess of new DVD/digital recorders (nine, to be exact), although they seem to be exclusive for the UK market. The best of the bunch is the DR-MH600, a combination DVD/digital video ecorder with a 160GB hard drive, HDMI, and 64x dubbing system for transferring from HD to DVD. The DR-MH300 (seen here) is exactly the same but without HDMI. The DR-MH50, MH30 and MH20 are also similar but with a slower 10Mbps recording speed and 260GB, 150GB and 80GB hard drives respectively. Rounding out the lot are the DR-MV1, a DVD recorder/VHS with DV input, the DR-M80 and DR-M100, a couple of plain old DVD recorders, and the XV-N322, which seems to just be a regular DVD player. Look for them to start shipping in May (at least in the UK, like we said) and continue to trickle out through the fall.

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