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Xbox throws sparks despite replacement power cord, Microsoft denies everything ever

Ben Striegel
Xcord 360

Remember that whole mid-February Xbox power cord recall, where Microsoft determined that as many as 14 million Xboxes might have defective power cords? More importantly, remember that particular conspiracy theory that stated that the real problem lay with the Xboxes themselves rather than with the power cords? Well, a report from Sweden claims that a man's Xbox, outfitted with one of said replacement cords, threw sparks in his face and filled his apartment with the odor of smoke when he tried to plug it in. Meanwhile, many people have been citing problems with the power supply as the culprit behind the malfunctions, even going so far as to take apart their Xbox to take photos of the damaged hardware. What does Microsoft have to say amidst all this?

"A single report recently surfaced that inaccurately speculates that the recently announced power cord replacement for Xbox is somehow related to broken "solder joints" inside of early Xbox consoles. This report is simply not true. In rare cases, solder joints have broken. This issue is not associated with the power cord replacement program, nor is it unique to the Foxlink power supplies or even Xbox consoles.

All consumer electronics products experience some broken solder joints as a result of ordinary wear and tear. Broken solder joints inside the Xbox are a warranty issue. All Xbox consoles (even without a replacement cord) have been designed to insure that a broken solder joint does not present any safety issue."

Riiight… So you'll be replacing that guy's Xbox, then? C'mon, you could use some good PR right about now.

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