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MP3onChannel review

Peter Rojas
Cigar lighter memory adapter

We've definitely seen this one before under another name (as the FMP3 in Japan), but Tom's Hardware Guide has a review of the MP3onChannel MP3-308, which is one of those flash-based MP3 players that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter socket and has an FM transmitter for beaming music to your car stereo. The MP3onChannel doesn't actually come with any onboard storage of its own, instead it has a USB port and you're supposed to load tracks onto a USB flash drive (which given how cheap and plentiful they are these days—they were giving them out like candy at CTIA last week—could be seen as a nice positive). Doesn't sound like the audio quality is all that fab (that's the risk you run when using an FM transmitter), but the real deal-breaker is that it doesn't have any kind of display and will only play your MP3s in alphabetical order.

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