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April Fools is Stupid


Just wanted to weigh in on the whole ”Hey, we’re going to try to trick you with a bunch of fake posts!” shenanigans that are going on around here in the TUAW F.S.P. (forced servitude pits).  I’m not playing ball. I don’t care how many times the overlords shock me with the cattle prod.  April Fool’s jokes are stupid unless you’re under 9 years of age.

I mean, look at Apple.  They’re not playing games.  There’s no jokey time over there.  It is business, with price tags, DRM, and small print at the bottom of the page announcing Expanded iBook Logic Board Repair Extension Program, but mysteriously dangling a date that has already passed under it: (12/17/2004) to trick us into not clicking on that link. Bah humbug!

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