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WiFi in hotels a rarity in Japan?

Peter Rojas

We've been known to rock the EV-DO on special occasions where there is no WiFi to be found, or as a backup when the cable Internet goes down (thank you, Time Warner Cable!), but Todd Ogasawara went to Japan for business and discovered that unlike in the US, where hotels are tripping over themselves to offer WiFi, over there it's mighty rough trying to find a hotel with any sort of broadband access (whether or wired or wireless) for guests. Not that there isn't WiFi in Japan or anything like that, but apparently most hotels assume that you'll have some sort of high-speed access via your cellphone and so don't feel compelled to offer WiFi. We'll have to schedule a little trip to Tokyo to find out for ourselves (or hassle Gareth about this), but can anyone back this up? Is it really a headache finding a hotel with WiFi?

[Via TechDirt]

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