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Radio YourWay LX gets good reviews but still costs too much

Marc Perton

radio yourway lxWhen Pogo Products' original Radio YourWay came out a couple of years ago, virtually every reviewer panned it, for reasons ranging from poor audio quality to even worse software to a price that was way out of line for the product's features. With the latest rev of the product, the Radio YourWay LX, it looks like Pogo listened to some of the critics and addressed their concerns (and also redesigned it to look more like an iPod). The unit, a pocket-sized "TiVo for radio," was recently reviewed by Ron Harris of the Associated Press, who praised its reception, interface and functionality: "I give RadioYourWay high marks for excellent radio reception, digital volume control and the handy line-in jack for recording external audio." Too bad the price is still out of control: $250 for a 512MB unit and $200 for one with 128MB. Of course, with no competition, they can charge whatever they want. However, given that virtually every recent flash MP3 player includes an FM radio, it seems like it would be pretty easy for some enterprising manufacturer to produce a Radio YourWay knockoff for a fraction of the price. Maybe LuxPro can give it a shot; they seem pretty good at ripping off other companies' products.

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