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USB ghost detector


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ghost USB

Who ya gonna call? SolidAlliance! The funniest thing about this device is that it's not an April Fool's joke. Japanese company SolidAlliance (who brought us such prior goodness as the USB duck drives and USB sushi is selling a portable ghost detecting USB device called GhostRadar, which beeps and flashes red lights in response to "unusual magnetic waves" — meaning it will let you know when you're in the presence of those beyond the grave. We're not sure exactly how they figured out which frequencies that ghosts transmit on, and company VP Yuichiro Saito is tight-lipped about the inner workings of this device. Some of the inner workings will be more familiar to us, as the GhostRadar is otherwise known as a flash drive offering between 128 and 512MB of storage. There ya go — store your data and keep it safe from the ghoulies to boot, Ghostbusters.

[Thanks, Pete]

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