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Sony PSP hacks vs. Nintendo DS hacks contest blowout

PSP versus DS redux

Listen up, gamer-hackers: we're doing a contest that will pit the best PSP hack against the best DS hack in a full-on head-to-head deathmatch. This is the Engadget equivalent to the Royal Rumble except without the leotards — we want to see some serious competition go down, ya dig? You've got to fight for your favorite gaming system by coming up with the best possible hack you can muster, and documenting it with a proper write-up (we'll consider really amazing tips and how-tos as well).

Here's how the contest is going to work:

You have 10 days (starting NOW!) to come up with your hack and write it up (think: our weekly How-To feature). Email us text and photos at engadget at We're going to be judging not only on strength of hack, but also on the write-up itself: things like quality of explanation, ease of duplication and cleverness will all be taken into account. After all the submissions are in, we'll pick the best hack for each of the two gaming systems, publish the write-ups on Engadget, and open them up to reader voting (by submitting your hack you're giving us the non-exclusive right to publish it on the site).

Think you can handle it? Get hacking! Oh, and — what's in for you, by the way, other than the spirit of competition and a chance to prove your favorite console is the coolest thing since sliced bread? $200 in games will go to the winner, and we'll float enough for one game to the runner-up. Hack on!

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