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The Egg handles last-minute scheduling changes

The Egg

No matter how accurately we can tell the time, it doesn't solve the underlying problem that whatever it is we're doing right now always ends up taking longer than we planned. Friends are miffed, jobs are lost, and other disastrous outcomes are the end result of this phenomenon. Enter The Egg, a project by students at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, which takes a unique approach to time management. Your egg represents the time left until an impending appointment by glowing with less and less luminosity as the hour draws near. When you (inevitably) need to give yourself a bit of extra time, you turn our egg upside down and shake it to add more light and, consequently, more time. Your egg then notifies the eggs of your friends/contacts that you will be later than expected. Of course, this would be predicated on some ovarian future in which we all have Eggs on our desktops, but then again, many of us have even stranger things there already.

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