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The Nokia 8800 fashionphone

Peter Rojas
Nokia 880 425px

Remember those spy pics of that new 8000 series slider-style Nokia cellphone that popped up a few weeks ago? They've finally taken the wraps off that phone today, and it turns out the phone is actually the 8800, a new stainless steel-sheathed handset that comes with signature ringtones composed by Ryuchi Sakamoto. The style's the thing here, so the specs aren't exactly spectacular (though they're not all slouchy either): tri-band GSM/GPRS, an SVGA quality digital camera, a 262,000 color, 208 x 208 pixel LCD screen, Bluetooth, 64MB of internal memory, and an integrated FM tuner. There's also the 8801, a virtually identical version that's for the North America market.

Nokia 8800

Nokia 8800

Nokia 8800

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