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Archos' new AV700 will play nice with your DISH Network DVR

Peter Rojas
Archos AV700

Supposedly Archos is teaming up with EchoStar on the AV700, a new portable video player with a 7-inch LCD screen that'll let you copy over TV shows or movies that are stored on your DVR-enabled DISH Network satellite receiver so you can take them with you when you leave the house. Nah, it doesn't have a satellite TV tuner built-in, but Archos is promising to have a PVP with a DVB-T tuner sometime before the end of the year (not that it does us much good in the States, since we use a different standard for terrestrial digital TV over here). Even so, it's a smart move for EchoStar, who are obviously trying to do whatever it takes to catch up with archrival DirecTV. We're resigned to the fact that there will probably be loads of DRM involved, but there's really no reason why every satellite or cable TV provider couldn't make it easy for people to copy shows off their DVRs and onto portable devices; it'd only make what they're offering more attractive and more valuable to their subscribers.

[Via Generationmp3]

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