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Yamaha's EC-02 electric scooter rocks the iPod

Peter Rojas
iPod scooter Yamaha EC-02

Not sure if they're ever planning on actually selling this or not (probably not), but Yamaha has been showing off a version of their EC-02 electric scooter that comes with a port for connecting up your iPod to the scooter's integrated stereo speaker system. This special edition of the EC-02 also comes with remote control buttons built-into the handlebars and an extra battery for keeping your iPod charged up during those long commutes. It's a little gimmicky, but they're trying to underscore the fact that the scooter runs so quietly that that you can actually hear the music while you're riding around, which means you'll have to replace that horribly loud (and horribly satisfying) motorcycle noise you used to be able to make while revving your engine with a recording of the real thing.

[Thanks, K.O.]

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