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Save £100 off of the Gizmondo...if you can deal with some ads

Peter Rojas

Not sure why they thought they could step to Sony and Nintendo, but Tiger Telematics has a new strategy for competing with the big boys: they're going to offer a discounted version of their new Gizmondo portable game console that costs 44% less than the regular version. The catch? You have to deal with a little advertising. You'll still be able to get the regular, ad-free version at the regular price of £229 ($433), but if you can handle three "Smart Adds" per day (that's how they spell it, ok?), they'll shave £100 off the retail price. The Smart Adds will mainly consist of video clips and small games that come with redemption codes or barcodes that are wirelessly delivered to your Gizmondo over its GPRS connection and which you can use to get discounts at participating retailers (the console's built-in GPS will even tell you how to get there). They also promise they won't interrupt you with an advertisement during a movie or a game. Anyway, the Smart Adds version of the Gizmondo hits stores in the UK on April 22nd.

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