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Pimp your tractor with the Trimble AgGPS EZ-Steer assisted steering system

Marc Perton

The Trimble AgGPS EZ-Steer assisted steering system is almost enough to make us want to leave the big city and hightail it out to farm country. When hooked up to a tractor or other agricultural vehicle, the EZ-Steer turns it into a GPS-powered, self-steering ride. According to Trimble, it can be installed in a half hour using just a wrench, and can be hooked up to any "approved agricultural vehicle with power steering." Since we're not really going to get all Green Acres, we're seriously tempted to hook one of these up to the Engadget cruiser and tool around the streets of New York. You'll know it's us when you see the steering wheel turn itself as we check our location on the GPS. And you'd do well to get out of our way.

[Via Futurismic]

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