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How would you change the iPod?


Lovers, haters, all are welcome here in this thread on retooling Apple's flagship player (but if you must hate, you must hate constructively!). We'll keep this open broadly to all of the iPod models because a whole series of these for each model would be a bit much — so in your comment, please be sure to first specify which iPod model(s) you're talking about, or whether you're speaking for all iPods in general. Feel free to go off on multiple versions, if that's your thing. We'll start it off:

  • iPod shuffle: ability to not have it tethered/paired with any particular machine, and have its contents blown away when wanting to connect it to a different machine.

  • iPod photo: video playback, with support for S-video out.

  • iPod mini: something to prevent that white scroll wheel from getting so dirty. And 10GB wouldn't hurt, no how.

  • iPods, general: voice recording, line in, native FM broadcasting.

How would you change the iPod?

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