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Any excuse to pimp the Cube


Our friends at Hack A Day just noticed this G5-style Cube that was all the rage over a year ago. Perhaps I've been inspiring the entire WIN family with my recent spurts of recycled news?

That's ok, though. There's never a bad time to feature Cubes, glorious Cubes on the front page of your favorite blog.

Apropos of nothing: TUAW featured my own G5-ified Cube last year before I started blogging here. Sean picked it up from Leander on the Cult of Mac blog, who got the scoop first hand from me.

The Cube that Hack A Day links to today was actually the one that inspired me to get one of my very own. In fact I tried to buy that exact Cube from Hiderin before I found the Dress Cube and he refused me multiple times, no matter what the price. His public reply to me on his BBS was "This G5 Cube is only my hobby and not for sale and so I can't made for you-sorry." Even in broken English, I finally got the hint.


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