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Panasonic bids farewell to the US cellphone market

Peter Rojas
Panasonic VS3 and VS7

They're going out rather quietly, but Panasonic has decided to stop selling cellphones in the US. Why? Because none of the carriers will play with them, and for better or for worse, you can't sell a significant number of phones in this country unless you've got a partnership with a major carrier (they're the real customers, not us). Panasonic used to have a little something going on with AT&T Wireless, but the merger with Cingular left them out in the cold, with the new mega-carrier opting not to continue buying handsets from them. Panasonic had been giving it a go by selling handsets directly to consumers on its website, but without those carrier subsidies, it was hard for them to compete, and it sounds like they just weren't moving enough units to justify their US operations. Too bad, because Panasonic has some mighty fine cellphones for sale in the rest of the world.

[Via PhoneScoop]

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