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NY Post: how alcohol and gadgets mix

Ryan Block, @ryan
Drunk dialer

A hard hitting piece of journalism from the gold standard in print media, the New York Post took it upon themselves to tackle an issue of perplexing significance in today's society: how expeditious digital communications and booze mix for some, er, interesting results. Something we definitely know a thing or two about, to say the least. Besides the ease of cellphone drunk-dialing and its oft-deadly younger sibling, drunk-texting, they're not light on the issues that prove to be the bane of the e-hangover: the simplicity of passing digital happy-hour-gone-awry photos around the office, drunk eBaying, and drunk-iTunes downloads (so that's how Pete got all those Kelly Clarkson tunes). What can we say? Guilty as charged, officer, guilty as charged.

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