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DirecTV offers Voom customers a lifeline


If you've been following the soap opera that's been going on with Voom, you know its customers are about to lose their HD service at the end of the month. Not about to let that decline in civilization transpire (or a good marketing opportunity go to waste), DirecTV is offering Voom customers a $200 mail-in rebate on their current Voom HD equipment if they go in on a DirectTV HD system before June 30 of this year. You've got to send in the rebate form along with proof of both Voom subscription and activation of a DirecTV Total Choice programming package to get the cash. So if you're a Voom customer who's been "despairing" over the impending loss of HD coverage (as DirecTV Marketing VP feels you must be), you can stop weeping, come out of your booze-induced stupor, get your act together and sign on for a $200 subsidy towards switching over your HD service to DirecTV.

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