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Tiger and Carbon Copy Cloner


For those of you, who, as I do, know the joy of backing up your digital life with Carbon Copy Cloner, I've spotted some news that bears some consideration before upgrading to Tiger. In this discussion thread, Mike Bombich, the creator of Carbon Copy Cloner (or CCC for short), notes: "Apple has broken all of my apps under Tiger. Its a really stupid, simple little bug that affects authentication. I'll fix my apps as soon as possible but I'm hoping Apple will fix the bug."

So, you can still create a fully bootable copy of your current set up on an external drive using CCC before you update to Tiger, and if you hate Tiger, you can boot from that external drive and reclone your pre-Tiger drive back over to your primary drive; however, once you've upgraded, you're going to be stuck without your most beloved backup solution until either Apple or Bombich get around to fixing this authentication bug.

Consider my pre-Tiger buzz officially killed.

[via Accelerate Your Mac]

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