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MarkSpace's Missing Sync Sidekick sync software unveiled

Ryan Block, @ryan
Sidekick Mac

We'd be lying if we didn't say we knew more than a few peeps who were vexed and distraught to find out their spanky new Sidekick II didn't sync up to their Mac—afterall, the two seemed like a match made in heaven. Thankfully, it looks like the two lovebirds might be getting back together; Danger took the wrappings off Mac Sidekick software developer MarkSpace's missing Missing Sync sync software (perhaps they might be slightly less literal next time?), which syncs wirelessly to Address Book and iCal via Apple's iSync protocol. Of course, you're going to have to pony another $30 to get your Mac and Sidekick II hitchted, and the software isn't even scheduled to work with Tiger until June—just don't say Danger MarkSpace never did nothin' for ya.

[Via PocketPCWire]

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