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Ricoh's Caplio GX8 raises the bar to 8.2-megapixels

Ryan Block, @ryan
Ricoh Caplio GX8

We tend to get kind of excited when Ricoh's got a new camera out, but their 8-megapixel Caplio GX8 doesn't look like much of a standout besides that massive pixel count. The 1.3-second startup is a bit slow for our tastes, and the 3x optical zoom is a little disappointing for a Ricoh, and its only got a 1.8-inch display, so its not much of an overachiever over its older Caplio GX brother. But hey, it's got a hot shoe, up-close flash mode so your macro pictures don't look jacked, and an SD port that can handle continuous 1.7-second interval shooting until your card's all filled up, so it ain't all hurt.

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