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DirecTV's first HDTV satellite successfully launched

Ryan Block, @ryan

Way back last September (don't know about you, but we can barely even remember that far back) DirecTV announced plans to launch one of two new Spaceway satellites for adding a load of HDTV channels in summer 2005; now, with the hot months now upon us, they made good on their word in ensuring all those post-Voom customers can get that sat-HDTV goodness in time to kick it under the cool indoor breeze of their ACs. With the Spaceway F1 in orbit  ready to offer up "hundreds" of channels of HD programming, that really only leaves the Spaceway F2's launch in June and the DIRECTV 10 and DIRECTV 11 launches in 2007 for the full complement of over 1,650 local and national HD channels. But for now, if you're in New York, LA, Chicago, Philly, Boston, SF, Dallas, D.C., Hotlanta, Detroit, Houston or Tampa, prepare yourself to subvert your farmer's tan this year.

[Via slashdot]

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