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MP3 player, herbal remedies on list of terrorist materials

Ryan Block, @ryan
United Airlines flight

Like being stuck flying next to someone for five and a half hours doesn't already suck enough, then they catch you with your MP3 player (couldn't they tell us which?) and a couple vials of homeopathic medicine, switch into turbo-freakout mode, and turn you in to the flight crew—who, of course, are under strict orders to be overly cautious about reports of "suspicious materials". Well, it happened, and they landed a United flight from NY to SF in Chicago and the bomb squad inspected for three hours what turned out to be the aforementioned. The moral of the story? If you plan on listening to some tunes and taking some Leopard's Bane on your next trip, do yourself a favor and slip some rufies in your in-flight neighbor's in-flight bevvy when they get up to hit the in-flight bathroom.

[Via BoingBoing]

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