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Throwing the baby out with the bathwater: Jobs v. Wiley


You won't find a copy of Mac OS X Tiger For Dummies on the shelf in your local Apple store this week. Or a copy of the Mac OS X Bible, Tiger Edition. In fact, you won't find any titles from the Wiley & Sons publshing catalog in any Apple store, anywhere for what may be a very long time.

As punishment for refusing to halt publication of a new unauthorized biography, Steve Jobs has ordered that Wiley pubs be banned from Apple retail outlets.

 According to, "'The books disappeared from Apple stores last week after a month of increasingly contentious discussions about publication of the book, ``iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business,''' said author Jeffrey S. Young. The book, co-written with William L. Simon, offers an unflinching account of the rise, fall and rebirth of one of Silicon Valley's most charismatic figures."

Given Apple's recent contentious, although not innapropriate IMHO, acts against the press, this pill is going to be pretty hard to swallow for swarms of Apple fans.

Apple has declined to comment on Young's book or on whether the company has removed Wiley publications from its stores, but a spokesman did confirm that "an Apple executive was provided with an advance copy of the book."

Co-author Jeffrey Young says the book is an update of a Jobs biography he wrote 20 years ago, called "The Journey Is the Reward.''

"One of the things I'm amused by, the original book was quite negative. It leaves you the impression of this young guy who was quite a jerk, has no social graces, has a lot of skill but may not be worthy of acclaim,'' said Young. The new book reflects a matured Jobs. ``I really think he learned a lot when he failed.''

Now this may surprise you - but I side with Wiley on this one. Steve Jobs is his own worst enemy at times and this stunt will probably only serve to boost sales of all Wiley's books. I know I've pre-ordered my copy and plan to pick up a few more as stocking stuffers!

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