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Liebermann had no funds yet was 'not a hoax,' insist founders


The company has been out of business now for nigh on six months (not to mention that it's arguable whether or not they were ever really in business), but they're still making headlines by throwing out sensationalist crap. The Liebermann founders, apparently not having found anything new to do with their time since then, have drafted up a 42-page letter detailing its, um, colorful attempt to "revolutionize" the computing industry. If you're new to the story, their strategy was pretty much to dream up fantastic new products, take orders for them, and — here comes the revolutionary part — instead of shipping out those orders (as most run-of-the-mill computer companies would do), fail to deliver the orders because the products didn't yet exist. Totally revolutionary, indeed. Despite this "creative" new-fangled business model, the founders claim in the letter that not only was their company not a hoax, but also represented a "proven profitable business model." Guess they have something there — snake oil definitely predated them.

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