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Diamondi's WiFiCasinoGS offers casinos wireless gambling

Peter Rojas

We totally get why people gamble in casinos, and we sort of get why people gamble online (they're addicted), but we're not exactly clear on why a company called Diamondi Technologies thinks that casinos and cruise ships are going to want to use their new WiFiCasinoGS and WiFiCruiseGS systems to enable customers to gamble from wireless handhelds. Yeah, it'll make it tiny bit easier for guests to gamble at the drop of a hat (which casinos always like), but who is going to want to travel to Vegas to experience the thrill of gambling on a Pocket PC? Besides, the first thing that's going to happen is that someone is going to "lose" one of these "highly secure" handhelds and then hack it to pieces.

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