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VR headset can detect brain injuries

Marc Perton

Good news for football players and motorcyclists: a new VR headset called DETECT (for "display enhanced testing for concussion and mild traumatic brain injury"), being tested at Georgia Tech and Emory University, can tell you whether you have a concussion after a head injury in just seven minutes. Just put on the headset, pick up a joystick and run through a battery of tests designed to track reaction times, memory and other functions that could indicate brain injuries. Of course, if you've just been tackled and feel a little woozy, it might be a good idea to have someone else evaluate the results if you're going to use this to self-diagnose. (All kidding aside, the DETECT — which is expected to be commercialized in 3-5 years — could be a valuable diagnostic tool for EMS workers and others who deal with serious head injuries. But we'd still rather rag on football players.)

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