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Tiger Tip: Bloglines to Safari RSS


Following upon Laurie's helpful tip for getting your RSS feeds from your former RSS reader of choice over to Safari RSS, I thought I'd cover how to get the feeds loaded from Bloglines.

The method is for the most part identical to Laurie's tutorial with one major difference near the beginning and another adjustment near the end. First, navigate to your feeds in Bloglines, and click on the Edit link. At the bottom of the side panel under Extras there will be an Export Subscriptions link. Click on it. This will open a new window that appears blank in Safari. Navigate to File-->Save As... choose Page Source as the file type and uncheck the hide extension box. This will save a file called export.xml.

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Now, follow the instructions in Laurie's post for importing an OPML file into Firefox via Sage, only instead of choosing an OPML file, choose the export.xml file that we just created. Follow the rest of Laurie's instructions to get everything imported into Safari.

RSS bookmark folder Now there is only one more minor extra step (that Laurie left out of her instructions). Safari doesn't realize that these imported-from-Sage bookmarks are actually RSS feeds. Easy solution: In the Bookmark Manager of Safari, create a folder in your bookmark bar called RSS, and drag all the feeds imported from Bloglines into this folder. Now, simply click on the folder in your bookmark bar, and select Open in Tabs. Every blasted link will open. Let them finish opening. After they are done, select one of them and hold down the Option key and select File-->Close All Tabs or File-->Close All Windows from the menu.

Now, Safari should recognize all those bookmarks as feeds, a nice little number of unread posts will pop-up next to the RSS folder name, and you can simply click on it and choose View RSS Articles to load them all in a single window. Have fun!

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