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Kensington's Notebook Dock with Adjustable Base

Peter Rojas
Kensington Notebook Dock with Adjustable Base

Kensington busted out their new Notebook Dock with Adjustable Base the other day, which is more or less a successor to that Laptop Desktop USB 2.0 laptop dock they introduced late last year.  This time around they've included a detachable port replicator that gives you 5.1-channel audio, Ethernet, parallel, serial, and USB 2.0 ports all through a single USB 2.0 connection from your PC (the Laptop Desktop USB 2.0 only offered a USB hub). We'd totally kill for them to add VGA to the mix—we've got a multiple monitor fetish—but we can see the point of having serial and parallel ports in there since most new laptops come without either and plenty of people still have old parallel and serial periphrals they'd like to use. We've been playing around with one for the last couple of days, and while we wish the design were a little less unobtrusive (the iCurve might not do much besides raise your laptop up, it does a lot to reduce the sense of clutter on your desk), the port replicator did work like a charm once we got everything set up. Retails for $150.

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