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QRIO gets chummy with some babies

Ryan Block, @ryan

Maybe Sony was a bit afraid a couple of rambunctious little scants would clobber their cute QRIO's luxury-car priced face in, but in an apparent (and adorable) PR stunt, it looks like it's been getting along just fine with some 2-year old toddlers at nursery school in Cali. Perhaps they just felt like we haven't heard enough about QRIO recently (well, it's true!), so a little face-time with some kids who've have been dancing with QRIO and even helping it up when it falls is just the kind of lovability they were looking for. We're just hoping this has all been captured on film so that we might later show our future ruthless evil robot overlords that we really do love and cherish robot-kind afterall.

P.S. - Anyone else wonder if while they were at it they made QRIO wear a "sympathy diaper"?

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