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The Pantech PT-S100

Peter Rojas
Pantech PT-K1000

Not sure how this is all that different than that PT-K1000 cameraphone we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, but Pantech announced the PT-S100 today, their new 1.3 megapixel cameraphone with a very, uh, unusual swiveling design that seems to appeal to that small demographic of people who absolutely need a phone with a camera barrel that can rotate around and who can deal with having the keys running up and down the sides of the phone like that. The PT-S100 also sports 128MB of memory, an miniSD memory card slot, a 1.93-inch, QVGA LCD screren, MP3 player software, and an integrated FM tuner. Should be out in South Korea later this month.

Pantech PT-S100

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