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Buffalo PC-P3LWG/DVD HD streamer/DVD player reviewed

Marc Perton
buffalo PC-P3LWG/DVD

If you're looking for a box that will play just about any media file that you throw at it and stream high-definition video from your PC to the TV, you could do worse than the Buffalo PC-P3LWG/DVD. At least that's the conclusion of Tom's Networking's review of the DVD player/media streamer. Of course, it's far from perfect; it can't upscale DVDs to HD, there's no HDMI output and its WiFi encryption options are limited. But if you've got a lot of HD video that you want to keep on a hard drive or server, it's still worth a look. (Though we'd add that, if you're willing to burn your media to DVDs and don't need HD or the ability to stream it, you can pick up a multi-format DVD player for a lot less than this unit's $286 street price).

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